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    Strategic Research Area: Urban Informatics

    Research Strengths

    Listed below are research strengths currently focused by the Department:

    Surveying, Navigation and Positioning 測量、導航和定位

    Automation and enhancement of cadastral systems of Hong Kong; improvement of accuracy, reliability and efficiency in shallow water mapping using new technologies such as multi-beam echo sounders; development of GPS positioning technologies such as multi-antenna GPS; evaluation & modelling of GPS positioning errors; development of technologies for landslide and structure monitoring; multi-sensor and map matching techniques for navigation in high-rise urban areas; intelligent transport information systems; location-based computing and services; and fleet management.

    Geodesy and Geodynamics 大地測量及地球動力學

    Dynamical interaction between the solid Earth, oceans and atmosphere; El Nino; InSAR (Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar) for monitoring Earth surface deformation; precise determination of the geoid; space geodesy; sea-level change and impact assessment; applications of space geodetic techniques to study crustal deformation, atmospheric and environmental changes and the related natural hazards.

    Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing 攝影測量及遙感

    Applications of close-range photogrammetry and laser scanning in engineering and industry; fusion of satellite images; high-resolution image compression; environmental applications of remote sensing; remote sensing of the urban thermal environment; and two- and three-dimensional information extraction from high-resolution digital images.

    Geographic Information Systems (GIS) 地理信息系統

    Applications of GIS in transportation, and environment and facility management; spatial data structures, terrain modelling and computational geometry; data exchange and integration; dynamic marine GIS; multi-dimensional data models; scale theory; spatial databases; spatial data quality; spatio-temporal modelling; spatial decision support systems; and internet GIS.

    Digital Cartography 數字化制圖

    Automated map generalisation; cartographic visualisation; design of dynamic maps for vehicle navigation; multi-media presentation; multi-scale cartographic databases; and symbol design for tourist maps.

    For general inquiries about the research programmes, please contact Prof. LI Zhi-lin, Chairman of Departmental Research Committee.

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