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    Current Students & Alumni

    LSGI has put a lot of emphasis on application and practice.
    Students are provided with the support to gain work experience
    through the work-integrated education programme.

    Job Opportunities

    The LSGI is closely connected with the public and private sectors.

    Work Integrated Education

    A compulsory component for undergraduate students, work integrated education helps students develop practical experience.

    Academic Advising

    Academic advising at PolyU aims to help students to make informed and intelligent academic decisions/choices about their study at PolyU that suit their intellectual, professional and personal goals.

    Indication of DSR Electives

    Students can indicate their study plan of DSR elective subjects by completing the on-line form.

    CAR Subjects

    CAR subjects are general education subjects that aim to nurture your intellectual capacity, global outlook, communication and critical thinking skills from a multidisciplinary perspective.

    Service Learning Subjects

    Service-Learning aims to help you develop into a competent professional with a heart to serve others.

    Student Life

    Student life at PolyU is enjoyable and rewarding. The LSGI wishes our students a fruitful student life during your study

    LSGI Alumni Association

    The LSGI Alumni Association is a bridge between the Department and its graduates, as well as a bridge between practicing professionals and the Department.

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